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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 12, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today is friday, november 12th. i'm andrea roane. >> we are following breaking news right now out of northeast washington. dc police are investigating a shooting on 11th and galloway streets near fort circle park. 3:30 this morning, police were called to the scene. one person was found suffering from a gunshot wound. you are looking at live pictures right now. the condition of the victim is unknown at this point. police say they are looking for a gray chevy tahoe and they believe two suspects are inside. >> we will continue to follow the story throughout the morning, but angie will be here talking about traffic, including whether there are any complications because of the investigation but we start with good news today. not only is it friday. howard bernstein has a terrific forecast. >> for today an right through the weekend, we could use a little rain but it will hold off until next week and hopefully until after monday's home game with the eagles at
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fedex field. the friday forecast, it's a good one. sunshine again, wall to wall today. chilly right now. 20s out there. 47 at 9:00. noon 57. 5:00 p.m. 57 with highs today many areas low 60s. one or two spots to 65. you can see the clouds off shore and a couple passing pennsylvania earlier and they just dissipated. clear skies, good looking stars out. there driving in admiring the sky this morning. 29 charlottesville and we are 30 in cumberland and 28 gaithersburg, 25 manassas. 29 reston. a lot of cold in spots this morning. crofton is 31 and columbia at 34. college park at 82. an you has the latest time saver traffic. >> because of the police investigation avoid the area of 13th and galloway in the district. they will be taking away lanes
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as needed. 95 northbound, everything is clear fredericksburg to past dumb friday and the mixing bowl. -- dumfries and the mixing bowl. on the 18th street bridge we have construction taking away the left lane. a check on the capital beltway reveals more set up on braddock road and route 7 and at the dulles toll road is where you want to stay to the left to get by. overall volume is light. maryland, 270, we have roadwork in the through and local lanes and it is set up near falls road. on the outer loop, lanes are open from college park to 270. coming up in the next traffic report at 4:40, we will have a look at 50 westbound. back to you. here's a look at some things that happened while you slept. >> president obama is on his way to japan for another conference on the world economy. the g-20 meetings in seoul, south korea, though, ended without a compromise on
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currency issues with china like he hoped. it's the last stop on his tour of asia. the will be will be back at the white house this weekend. he called on iraqi leaders to put aside their differences and form a more inclusive government for the country. nouri al-maliki is attempting to form the next government there. sunni representatives staged a walkout one day after a power sharing deal was reached. southbound 395 is back open after a tour bus fire closed three lanes last night. around 10:20, police were called to an area south of the 18th street bridge -- 14th street bridge near the pentagon exit. they noticed smoke coming from the bus before it caught on fire. all of the passengers, roughly three dozen vietnam veterans from the 119th infantry brigade got off the bus safely. the cause of the fire is unknown. metro transit investigators are searching for two men who
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were seen taping passengers and metro operations on the orange line. >> take a look at the screen. metro originally wanted the alert to be secret but now it has been leaked. >> this picture was taken by a metro rider who seen them acting suspiciously. who are they and what were they doing? the subjects were observed at the l'enfant plaza, videotaping features 0 the station and operations of the train. they videotaped how patrons oriented themselves within the metro rail car. they were trying to be incon pickously by holding the camera at their side between their chest and waist. >> there is a high risk right now. >> reporter: this is days after disguised bombs were found. there was a tape urging
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individual terrorist acts. >> fighting the devil doesn't require consultation or prayer, seeking die vine guidance. >> we are concerned about someone, if you will, listening to these kinds of exhortations and then deciding suddenly to become a jihaddist and going out and doing something that will kill or injure americans here in washington. >> the metro sighting of these men is two weeks after the fbi arrested a northern virginia man in a sting that had him videotaping metro for an attack op the system. metro board chairman said there is no indication of a specific threat that metro issued the picture just to be cautious and that it was not intended to be released publicly. but the question remains, who are they? and what were they doing? 9 news now. >> metro say the two men are not accused of a crime or wrongdoing, but if you know who they are, authorities would like to know what they were
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doing. 92 years after the end of world war i, the war end to all wars, the nation stopped to honor military veterans past and present. vice president biden helped to honor the nation's veterans by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. the veteran's day wreath laying is typically done by the president. but as you know, president obama is in south korea on a ten day diplomatic triptotes ya. roughly 100 veterans gathered and there was a special focus on women who sevenned in the war. anne dunnwoody, the first female four star general of the united states -- >> today, on this special day, we're here to remind ourselves that half of the greatest generation were women. and more than 350,000 of them served in uniform during the second world war.
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>> retired agent major grace mueller of the women's auxiliary corps was selected to present a reef at the freedom wall of stars. after a round of talks with secretary of state hillary clinton, netanyahu says he is still serious about reaching a peace deal with the palestinians. the two met yesterday in new york. it's their first face-to-face meeting since september. secretary clinton voiced plans to build more in east jerusalem. all 3300 passengers, from the carnival cruiseship splendor are back on dry land. tug boats towed the ship after almost four days without power. carnival promised everyone on board a refund and free cruise. they will join panama in investigating the fire which disabled the ship. this is one of the stories
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that is really hard believe. get this. a 25year -old new haven, connecticut man shot twice after buying a sandwich at the deli was so hungry he decided to go home and eat his sandwich before going to the hospital. >> he was leaving the deli and when he was leaving one bullet hit him if the left leg and the other in the groin. his injuries were not life- threatening. >> after he finished his sandwich he must have asked his dad to take him to the hospital. >> no one in the house noticed blood and said what happened. >> i'm feeling the gunshots weren't as dramatic as they sound. couldn't have been. >> moving along. drives beware, apparently the end of the red light amnesty period has just about come and gone. the largest retail chain has thrown a monkey wrench in the world of on-line shopping.
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happy friday. cold this morning and comfortable this afternoon. grab the jackets. we have some readings in the 20s, middle east in the 30s and here in washington this morning we sit at 40 degrees. we will be in the upper 40s at 9:00. upper 50s at noon and low 60s one or two spots closer to 65. here's angie with the time saver traffic. thank you so much, howard. right now it is free flowing on 50 and the bay bridge and beyond. in the next report coming up at 4:48. we will have construction to watch for before the 5:00 hour. back to mike and andrea. it is time for the first your money report of the morning. >> jessica doyle is here with
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the headlines. >> wall street dropped a little yesterday. stocks fell on a negative forecast from cisco but today we are focusing on the economy and investors will look over the latest survey on consumer sentiment. they look at it to see if americans are confident enough to spend more. and that fuels the economy. the dow stands at 11283, down 73 after a triple-digit loss earlier in the session. nasdaq lost 23 and the s&p was off by five. this holiday shopping season, a free shipping war has broken out. the on-line world is buzzing about wal-mart's announcement it is offering free shipping with no minimum requirements on 60,000 items. fedex says it expects to move nearly 16 million packages on the busiest day of the year. that will be monday, december
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13th. and that prediction is 11% higher than last year. in fact it is the highest ever for a single day. a good science because it indicates more people are buying sanding packages. the call to duty video game blasted to the top of the charts this week. it raked in $360 million in the first 24 hours. glen believable. >> i wonder why it is so good, the graphics, i guess. >> people love this thing. the graphics are unbelievable and it is shooting, fighting. there's that going for it. thank you, jess. the death of a legend. hollywood is remembering one of the last of the great movie moguls. and the freeze on college tuition was a big deal in the elections. next why maryland's governor says the freeze is over.
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it's going to be easy to
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plan your day. in a great mood after you hear howard's forecast. >> you have been in the gear and peel it off as the day goes on. made a lot of friends this week. winds will be light once again. you want to be my friend on facebook i'm there, as well. let's get you going with the bus stop forecast here. on this friday, another half day for kids in montgomery county. clear and cold. some areas in the 20s. warm spots in the 40s over toe the bay and toward reedville. jan called and 47 right now. sun is up at 6:47 and it's setting at 4:46 this afternoon. the day planner once again, sunny and 47 here in washington at 9:00. by noon, we are in the upper 50s. we will peak in the low if not
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mid-60s this afternoon with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 67 degrees. we hit a high around 3:00 or so. anywhere from 2:30 to 4:00 is when we will hit the high temperature. 47 at in the naval academy. easton is 34. down south in fredericksburg 32 but manassas at 25. one of the cold spots. petersburg 28 and oakland is 41. once the sun comes up and we get a breeze we will warm up at a decent clip. 40 at national. clear skies. north wind at five miles an hour. not much of a wind chill but feels like 37 and the barometer is 32.4 inches of mercury and that's a healthy one and that much is moving. strong high pressure here but in the middle of the country, look at the showers from new mexico and texas up to areas in southern wisconsin. frontal boundary out there. low pressure is developing but as i have been talking about all week things have been moving slowly in the atmosphere. even though there is a lot of rain to the west it's going to
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take a lot of time to get here. high pressure overhead this morning. it will be with us all weekend. we go through midday, high pressure is with us tonight and tomorrow and with it overhead tonight it will allow for calm winds and another night where the suburbs will be in the 20s. as we go through the early part of the week you will notice the front to the north and the west. really nothing coming toward us in the short term. but this will inch closer and closer and closer. by saturday evening, the front gets to indianapolis. low pressure coming up to northeastern iowa. snow north and west. this is the front that by tuesday will bring us a chance of rain. might even be here late on monday which could have an impact on the redskins game and hosting the eagles on monday night. the friday football forecast, some playoff games going on. clear and chilly. 7 p.m. in the upper 40s. expected to be in the mid-40s forel 00 and 9:00. chilly for the football games.
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keep that in mind. you want that sweatshirt or nice stadium throw. it will be good for you as you are celebrating and donnell forget to check out the action -- don't forget to check out the action at next three days, cool today, 2. a nice saturday, upper 60s and sunday a few more clouds and still nice. in the middle 60s. next week we have the home game on monday night and should be a late shower but a better chance of rain on tuesday. some clearing on wednesday and windy thursday and 52. it 4:49. here's angie goff with time saver traffic. >> tgif, man it feels good to say it's friday. what we are doing early on, no surprise here, construction going 95 northbound at 32, should be clearing in 15 minutes and the same on 270 heading northbound near the falls road exit. as we move over to virginia. 66 eastbound, we will find the
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drivers moving at speed past gainesville and 50 to inside the beltway. 495, speaking of the beltway in virginia, we are in the clearing stages of the roadwork there. it stretches between brad took road and road -- braddock road and route 7. 395 northbound, roadwork at the 11th street bridge will be there all day. stay to the right. coming up in the next traffic report, a focus on the maryland roads. back to you. drivers beware, no more warnings. >> beginning today, if you get caught by some of the new red light cameras in the district you will be fined. there has been a 30-day warning period for cameras on several commuter routes including connecticut avenue at porter street, 18th and k street northwest and third at new york avenue. now you can expect a $75 ticket if you get caught. a signature issue in the maryland's governor's race is
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getting new attention. >> tuition at state universities is likely to continue to butch upward at the rate of inflation. >> that's what o'malley told our scott broom. >> we have frozen college tuition for four years in a row. >> reporter: maryland's tuition freeze was a signature campaign issue in commercial leak this one which has any change in tuition on the radar of students in maryland. >> way too high, putting college out of reach for most people. >> reporter: even before the election, tuition began to rise in maryland after a four-year freeze. >> i know my dad was unhappy about it. >> reporter: in april, the board of regents approved a 3% hike. for in state students,. >> reporter: the april tuition
4:52 am
hike was public and widely reported. the point, he says is that maryland remains a remarkable bargain for in state students. >> toking forward i would hope we will be able to find the consensus necessary to keep increases to a minimum short of 3% inflationary increase. if we do no, we will continue to make our state a state that's -- where college is becoming more affordable rather than more expensive compared to other states. >> all the talk about tuition in maryland comes as virginia is poised to raise its tuition nearly 10% at the university of virginia. they have already approved more than 9% rise at virginia tech, which makes maryland seem like a relative bargain. at the university of maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >> the board of regents will take up the tuition issue again aft the first of next year. after months of questions about mismanaged gravesites at arlington national cemetery, a local teenager has found an on-
4:53 am
line solution. >> ricky gill created the website preserve and it is dedicated to the men and women who died fighting in the war on terror. he and his mom spend every weekend this summer taking pictures of gravesites in next 60 and created a database that turned in to the site. >> this way they are always people, never a number. always people. >> reporter: he says the site is not for sell and will never sell ads on it either. he do not want to profit off other's tragedy. >> we'd like to thank you for helping to raise money for the uso metropolitan washington holiday food basket program. >> it was a great call in. because of your generosity we were able to raise money during. this money along with a matching contribution from
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qwest software means 8932 families in the area will enjoy the thanksgiving dinner with the trimmings on standard. >> you still have time to to donate, go to the and click on the uso banner. a proposed a change at one of he region's most popular tourist attraction could mean visitors will have to pay up to get in. the big moment harry potter fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. before we head to break it's time for the question of the day -- ♪
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. the weather first day planner for this wonderful friday. every friday is bonderful from our perspective. 5 at noon. 60 at 3:00. highs above the 60-degree mark again and 54 by 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. hollywood is honoring the memory of a movie-making gain this morning. the academy-award winning film maker died on wednesday at the age of 91. his long list of hits include three days in the condor and blue velvet. his flops which have become pop culture classics include dune
4:58 am
and the remake of king kong. >> i didn't think king kong was that bad. >> very popular. fans, speaking of movies, brace yourselves it's the beginning of the end for the wizards story. >> it is released next week but had a premier with huge crowds in london. >> reporter: the world's most famous wizard is ready to hang up his wand for good. >> why do you live? >> reporter: harry potter's final battle will stretch over two films. listen don't host -- london hosted the movie on thursday. daniel radcliffe strolled down the red carpet as the teen wizard for one of the last times. >> harry potter has come home. >> reporter: he was only 11 hen the first movie came out. >> physically you don't look like little harry potter
4:59 am
anymore. >> i don't have the glasses and the kids are thrown by that. >> she is a straight a student at brown university. >> how can i give up this movie that i don't want to give up, going to university an college and having that experience either. >> reporter: the latest film marked the break from previous potter movies. the school kids are no longer kids, no longer in wizards school and therefore no longer safe. it sets up a finale that comes out last summer which gives movie makers one more chance to enjoy the magic that raked in millions of dollars across the nobody. thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. it's friday. >> let's rt


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